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‘Chaplaincy - A Contemporary Tool for Mission’

Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy Invites you to ‘Chaplaincy - A Contemporary Tool for Mission’ Date: Tuesday 12th March At: St Saviours Church, Woodbridge Road, GU1 4QD Time: 9.30 registration and coffee, then from 10.00-1.00 followed by a sandwich lunch Speaker: Rev Canon Paul Morris* Come prepared to be inspired, encouraged and connect with others • For those interested in, exploring, involved or supporting others in chaplaincy • Discover the mission potential of the chaplaincy model of ministry • Identify characteristics of this model • Explore the theological basis of chaplaincy • Reflect on opportunities for chaplaincy as individuals, in our churches and workplaces Please share this invitation with others who may also be interested in attending. Click this link to register by 6th March https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=QT0cClmgOUudsMbjPHsef4mJd0nCRbZOtyt57sZkxRNURUMzV0JEMzlZNjM2Uk42S1VESFE2ME02RC4u *We are privileged to have Paul lead us for this event. He writes: I am Jewish, from north London, and in my early years I was an atheist. Much to my surprise, and that of my family, I became a Christian, and after leaving school I studied Theology at St John’s College, Nottingham. In 1980, I was ordained and served in parishes in Billericay and Luton before being appointed Adviser in Evangelism for Southwell Diocese in 1989. In 2002 I left Anglican ministry and worked as Europe Director for Christian Associates, an international organisation planting contemporary and innovative churches in capital cities in Europe. In 2009 I was appointed Vicar of St. Peter’s in the City, in the centre of Derby. During my time there, and much to my surprise, I led a movement of voluntary workplace chaplaincy. I inherited 12 chaplains, and this grew, slowly at first and then with some momentum, until in 2020 there were more than 150 chaplains (over 80% lay) serving in 15 workplace sectors and in 15 towns around Derbyshire. I am now retired and living with my family in Guildford

Date: Tuesday 12th March 2024


Saturday 7th September 2024 International Peace Day

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