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Our events are for anyone living in Woking and surrounding areas who support our aims and objectives.

Being a supporter of WPoF means enjoying our events. It is not a commitment to anything other than enjoying activities you like and making friends; building neighbours and community.

For further information on Woking People of Faith, or to get involved please contact:

Kerry Barry (Administrator) administrator@wpof.org.uk

Woking People of Faith welcomes your creative ideas, for events and activities, which meet its aims and objectives. If you enjoy an activity that you think others would too, please make contact with our administrator to discuss your ideas or, how you might get involved in existing events.


Sunday 26th May 2024 Prayer Vigil for Peace Between Palestinians & Israelis

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Thursday 20th June 2024 Faiths in Harmony

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Saturday 13th July 2024 Beetle Drive Fundraiser

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