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Thought for the Week: You and Me in Our Communities

There is a story in the Bible about Jesus when he was a child. He was about 12 years old and he had gone missing. His parents, Mary and Joseph, were very worried as they didn't know where he was. They hunted high and low and eventually found him in the Temple, they place where he worshipped God, talking with the Priests and asking them questions about God. The Temple would have been very different to our church. We worship God here at Trinity Methodist Church. There are lots of churches in Woking as well. But there are lots of other places of worship in Woking too. There is the Mosque where our Muslim friends worship. 'Woking People of Faith' is a group of people of many different faiths who enjoy spending time with each other, making friendships and learning about how each other worships. How interesting and what fun! As Christians, the Bible tells us that God made everyone - no matter who they are and how and who they worship. God loves us all! When Jesus grew up, he taught that we need to treat everyone we meet with kindness and understanding even though we may do things differently. And that means YOU and ME! Prayer - Help me to show kindness and understanding to everyone - even though they may have different ideas and different ways of doing things. Help me to remember that God loves everyone. Amen. ***Taken from a talk given to children at Messy Church by Daphne Lander - member of Christian faith

Date: Monday 29th January 2024


Saturday 7th September 2024 International Peace Day

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