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Thought for the Week: Week of Prayer for World Peace

George MacLeod, the founder of the Iona Community and one of the founders or the Week of Prayer for World Peace, wrote “Where people are praying for peace the cause of peace is strengthened by their very act of prayer, for they are themselves becoming immersed in the spirit of peace”. They continued “We are convinced that there is only one humanity praying to one supreme Creator, with whatever different opinions we may have on what that may be. We recognise that interfaith partnership does not in itself imply agreement. WPWP invites all people to join in praying for peace on our shared earth under one sky. The things we agree on are many and precious. What we disagree on is precious too. We stand alongside all who pray for peace with us as partners and friends.” The Week this year is to be celebrated with a gathering online on Sunday 15 October from 3.30 to 4.30. See https://weekofprayerforworldpeace.co.uk Each year we award the Wilson/Hinkes Peace Award. Last year it was awarded to Kawther and Hafiz Hashmi from the Shah Jahan mosque and this year is being awarded to the Journeymen Theatre who have visited Woking many times with their inspiring plays on social justice. This year we are collaborating with the Iona Community and Alignment: Interfaith Contemplative Practices to offer a digital experience. Leaders from eight different religious and spiritual traditions will offer a five minute prayer on each day of the week. This QR code will lead you to the website. The booklet contains prayers for peace from a wide range of faith traditions arranged under different themes for each day. Copies are free although donations are welcome. Kawther and Keith are both on the committee organising this Week of Prayer. Keith Scott, member of the Quaker community

Date: Monday 9th October 2023


Saturday 7th September 2024 International Peace Day

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