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Thought for the Week: Gratitude

'Gratitude is the best attitude'

On Tuesday, I tripped on a manhole cover and fell. It was 9am and the start of the day. As I lay face down on the ground, my first thoughts were, ’Is this an omen of how this day is going to turn out? Shall I go back home, feel miserable and cancel all my plans?’ Then I remembered that in my Bible reading that day, I had been warned about being superstitious!

I picked myself up, dusted myself down and decided instead to thank God that I had not torn my clothes; there were no blood stains on my knees; and most importantly, I had not broken any bones. I could continue with my busy schedule.

In Acts 11:22 –26, the story of Paul and Silas tells us how they are beaten with wooden sticks and stripped by a mob; thrown into prison and put in stocks. They had every reason to be filled with self-pity, but instead they sang hymns to God! There was a mighty earthquake and their chains fell off.

Being grateful can definitely change your thinking, if not always your circumstances. My knees were still bruised and sore, but I had a great day!

Marian Nash, member of the Christian faith

Date: Monday 9th August 2021


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