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Statement on Israel / Palestine

Woking People of Faith is a local charity, whose Trustees represent all major world faiths and work together to establish, promote and maintain religious harmony for the good of all in the Borough.  We are keenly aware that events on the international stage affect relationships at local level and we seek to 'practise what we promote' through united action which often first entails mature, respectful and courageous conversations with one another.

The Trustees are, along with the rest of the population, very concerned and distressed by the current violence in Israel and Palestine - a land holy to all three Abrahamic faiths.

The Trustees of the charity (including Muslim, Christian and Jewish respresentatives) now issue the following statement, together with an on-going commitment to maintain dialogue with one another.

"We unreservedly condemn, and are united in our desire to see an immediate end to all violence, destruction and killing in Israel and Palestine.  We particularly condemn the violation by the Israeli authorities of the sanctity of the Al-Asqa Mosque - the third holiest site in Islam.

We believe that every human being is equal in dignity and shares the same basic human rights, by virtue of their creation by the one true God.

We believe that both sides have chosen the wrong path for resolving their disagreements and call upon every individual involved to recognise the dignity and worth of those whom they oppose -  and to seek resolution peacefully.  Eventually, competing peoples must learn to talk together and live together.  People of all faiths in WPoF encourage all people in conflict with one another to do so with courage and urgency."

Issued on 17th May 2021

Contact:  Kerry Barry 07856 052176  administrator@wpof.org.uk

Date: Monday 17th May 2021


Saturday 7th September 2024 International Peace Day

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