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Thought for the Week: Who is your hero?

This is one of the questions I was asked from a school and thought I’d share it with you.

My hero is a man who wept when he saw the discomfort of babies and children.

An individual who was driven out by his people but still forgave them.

A man who was stoned out of a city but still prayed for them.

A man who pardoned those who starved his companions, mocked his family, waged war against him for over a decade, and never sought revenge for himself.

A man who went through the most difficulty but was never seen without a smile.

A man who would go hungry at night so others could eat.

A man who was offered the world but chose to live much of his life on dates and water.

He is a man, who established the rights of women equal to that of a man, at a time when women were considered a lesser human.

He emphasised on seeking knowledge to people who were not accustomed to literacy, even if it meant travelling to China.

He established rights for orphans, widows, travellers and the needy.

He taught that no human is superior to another based on the colour of their skin, but by their piety.

He is ranked the most influential person in history by Michael H. Hart in his book ‘the 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History’

He rests in the city of Madinah; we may not have a photo image of him, but his love lives in 1.7 billion hearts across the world.

His name is Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Kawther Hashmi, member of the Islam faith

Date: Monday 30th November 2020


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