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Reading of the Play - Testing Times

Reading of the Play - Testing Times Testing Times is a play about Woking under Covid and the Spanish flu which came at the end of World War 1. Both pandemics caused many deaths and fear. Using material we have found in the archives we have built a play around this with humour, romance and tragedy and the fear of the unknown. After the play we will have a discussion on what Covid was like for us and how it affected us and how we are affected still. Please register your attendance to Keith via email: keithsc_2000@yahoo.com. Attendance is free but there will be a chance to contribute towards the work of WPoF. We will be rehearsing and assigning parts for the play reading on Tuesday 13th February at the Maybury Centre. Please do let Keith know if you are interested in taking part. keithsc_2000@yahoo.com

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2024

Location: Quaker Meeting House, 41 Park Road, GU22 7BD

Time: 2.30pm