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Tomato Tart Cookalong

Tomato Tart Cookalong

Tomato Tart Cookalong Saturday 19th March 2022

This was a fun occasion on Zoom with 5 cooks and enthusiastic support from a granddaughter. The recipe was quite simple with puff pastry, cheese and tomato with basil leaves to flavour and decorate. It was deliberately chosen so that it was suitable for vegans and fitted in with the current emphasis on eating plant-based dishes. There was a lot of discussion between the participants as to the size, shape and decoration. The final dish was displayed for admiration. One of the cooks, even discovered a batch of Ghanaian Shortbread dough in her freezer from our previous cookalong event and so baked that as well. She was extremely disappointed to hear that this was the final cookalong at present. She hoped that this event would be resurrected in the Autumn or lockdown, which ever came sooner!

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Date: Saturday 19th March 2022

Location: Zoom

Time: 11am


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