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A Conversation with Dr Harriet Crabtree

A Conversation with Dr Harriet Crabtree

15 people attended this Zoom event at 7.30pm during Interfaith Harmony Week.  Kawther Hashmi spoke to Dr Harriet Crabtree who is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Network UK.  Harriet’s time at the IFN started as an initial 3 month project and yet she has stayed for 30 years!  Harriet believes that small events prompt big change.  Over the millennium faith leaders were on display.  The London bombings and these things suddenly trigger angst and debate however they also encourage friendship on a small scale.  Sadly it is the negative events which bring unity.  Everyone agreed that Harriet was an encouraging and positive speaker.  Harriet answered our questions open, honestly and warmly.  We all thanked Harriet for her time as we know how busy she must be.  Harriet said it was a pleasure talking to us and she really enjoyed it too.

Faith In Action ... A Conversation With ... is a series of conversations with real people. These are interfaith conversations run by WPoF where individuals talk about their own faith and how it works out in practice in their everyday lives.

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Date: Tuesday 1st February 2022

Location: Zoom

Time: 7.30pm