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Festive Shortbread Cookalong

Festive Shortbread Cookalong

4 people joined our Festive Winter Shortbread Cookalong on Saturday 4th December which was held via Zoom.  We followed a Ghanian Spiced Shortbread recipe.  One person didn’t add the spice mix so just made a plain version and one person made a vegan version with coconut oil instead of butter.  The two people who added the spice mix said the shortbread  was “addictive” and “different”.  Once we had made the dough, it needed to chill in the fridge for 20 minutes so it gave us a good opportunity for a chat.  We wondered how shortbread had made its way over to Ghana as it is typically a Scottish recipe because we always see it in tartan boxes or tins.  We thought perhaps Scottish people had migrated over there or missionaries could had taken the recipe over there.  One lady asked Google and found that shortbread originated in the 12th century and was originally called biscuit bread as leftover bread dough was sweetened with sugar and used to make the biscuits.  We then baked our shortbread and really enjoyed tasting them.  One lady was going to give them as a gift to a member of her family as she was so impressed with them.  Another lady would share them with her Uncle as she knew he would enjoy them too.

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Date: Saturday 4th December 2021

Location: Zoom

Time: 3pm - 4pm