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Bhaji Cookalong

Bhaji Cookalong

6 people joined our bhaji Zoom cookalong on Tuesday 29th June. We followed an easy onion recipe, however we spoke about different varieties, including roast fennel, sweetcorn and sweet potato ones. Meeta then showed us how to make maru pajeer bhaji's using sliced potatoes. Meeta explained that red chilis are stronger than green chilis and red chili powder is much hotter in strength as the seeds are kept in before grinding. Meeta advised to heat the oil and then turn it down otherwise the bhaji will burn on the outside and still be raw on the inside. So we all learnt some useful tips from a professional!

Everyone was so pleased with their bhaji results. They said they were so different to shop-bought ones and we will definitely make them again trying out different vegetable varieties.

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Date: Tuesday 29th June 2021

Location: Zoom

Time: 12pm


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