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A Conversation with Kayte Cable

A Conversation with Kayte Cable

22 participants attended ‘A Conversation with Kayte Cable’ who is the co-founder of Big Leaf Foundation. Kayte was interviewed by Simon Trick, our Deputy Chair on Thursday 17th June at 7pm. Kayte explained that she was raised in a Church of England home but faith wasn’t spoken of and now she has no faith of her own. She listens to classical music and believes that God is in that. She believes that science and religion should not be in opposition to each other - it should not be one or the other. She has had 2 epiphany moments in her life and made us all quite emotional when she described them. Kayte has fostered displaced children through Big Leaf. WPoF has committed to working closely with Big Leaf in the future.

A recording of the event can be found herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6NYaKfmEtI

Faith In Action ... A Conversation With ... is a series of conversations with real people. These are interfaith conversations run by WPoF where individuals talk about their own faith and how it works out in practice in their everyday lives. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website for the next in our series.

For more information about Big Leaf Foundation, please visit their website 

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Date: Thursday 17th June 2021

Location: Zoom

Time: 7pm


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