Woking strategic partnership

The Woking Strategic Partnership is a forum that brings together community leadership to address the issues that affect the quality of life for everyone who lives in, works in or visits Woking. The forum meets approximately every quarter to discuss business conducted within the five Sustainable Surrey themes (Safer & stronger, Children and Young people, Health & Well-being, Economic development & housing and infrastructure and environment).

The partners are primarily from Woking Borough and Surrey County Councils as well as local community organisations such as Surrey Police, Surrey Fire & Rescue, Surrey Drug and Alcohol action team, Woking Association of Voluntary Services. Woking People of Faith (WPOF) are one of the partners represented in this forum as their link to the faith sectors and for us to an outward connection with the key community leaders in Woking. Being part of the partnership ensures we maintain these important relationships so that we can continue to contribute to the community life within Woking. On a practical level it enables WPOF to be informed of and react to significant issues occurring in the community as well as provide us with an opportunity to escalate any concerns that we have. 


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