Women’s meeting Al Asr Mosque, Sunday 27th April 2014 2-4pm

WPOF was warmly welcomed and hosted by the Al-Asr women’s community in Woking on Sunday 14th April.  Around 30 women of different faiths met and enjoyed presentations from two speakers, followed by group discussion, question times and delicious tea/refreshments.  The main presentation was a beautifully illustrated, clear explanation of the central features of the Shia faith tradition, offered by university student, Tayeba Naqvi.   The second was a sensitively given personal account by Cllr Beryl Hunwicks of faith-in-daily-life from her Christian perspective. Informal group discussions following each presentation produced a number of fascinating questions and answers which covered history, theology and local experience. It was a privilege to be part of such a conversation.

Participants wrote:

‘This was excellent. It was nice to hear about personal experience and to have conversation about faith’

‘There was a good mix of audience and two good speakers with interesting contrast in style and content. I wish there was more time to explore in depth!’

‘The history of the Christian Church would make an interesting topic’

‘This was really useful and helpful to see the different aspects n the Christian and Muslim faiths. Surprising to see so many similarities.’

‘Really nice to hear others’ experiences and to learn about other religions. It was good to build friendships between one another and to talk to other people face to face.’

‘We were made very welcome and it was interesting to be able to discuss different theologies in an open setting.’

‘Very informative! Great way to build a relationship with members of different faiths.’

‘Great Agenda. Loved the topics and good idea to have discussion with neighbours before asking questions.’

Questions included:

  • How did the divide between Sunni and Shia take place re following the family or the companions? Wasn’t there a battle?
  • If Christians believe that Jesus is the saviour, what happens to all the people who lived before his time?  Are there lots of saviours?
  • Can you explain all the different Christian denominations and how they came about? What are the differences?
  • Do you think that people of different faiths can encounter God in the way you describe? i.e. is experience of God limited to one faith?
  • How do the differences between Sunni and Shia work out in daily life and relationships?
  • Is UK a Christian country? 


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