Interfaith conversation at Woking URC

Woking URC recently took up the WPOF invitation to engage in 'A Conversation With' neighbours of other faiths.   

On Thursday 23rd May two Muslims visited Woking URC.  They came to talk to a group of Christians about their life as a Muslim and Islam as a faith. Dr Zafar Iqbal and Kauser Akhtar explained about growing up as a muslim in Pakistan and Britain respectively and what being a muslim meant for them. They then answered questions about the Muslim faith, it’s tenets and a number of other things to do with Islam. It was a very enjoyable talk and a lot of interesting and stimulating discussion was enjoyed by everyone present. The talk was partly arranged by Woking People of Faith and if you would like some people of a different faith to come and talk to you about their faith please contact Rev Pippa Ross-McCabe at


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