Supporting Schools

Woking People of Faith aims to help the people of Woking understand differences in Faith and Culture through discussion and teaching, building of friendships and serving the community.  Our offer of support to local schools is governed by the following principles:


  1. The most important message will lie in representatives of different faiths simply going and working together
  2. The purpose will be first to show respect for each other and for each other’s faith
  3. Differences need not be hidden; indeed, sometimes they should be brought out; but the emphasis should be on what we share
  4. It is also our purpose to inform in response to questions
  5. Representatives of different faiths have to remain representatives for their wider community, and not act in a purely personal capacity.
  6. Volunteers from Woking People of Faith work under the guidance and at the invitation of the Head of School or delegated staff
  7. Where possible, Woking People of Faith will work alongside faith communities/institutions which already have an established relationship with the school
  8. Only WPOF members who are in receipt of a valid enhanced CRB certificate may volunteer in schools

Possible types of occasions in schools

There are different kinds of contact with schools:

  1. primary school assemblies, often with the whole school from ages 5/6 – 11, and lasting up to 15 minutes
  2. primary school sessions with a class of similar aged children, lasting 30 - 40 minutes
  3. secondary school assemblies, often with only part of the age range, lasting no more than 10 minutes, perhaps less
  4. secondary school class work, lasting 30 – 40 minutes
  5. supporting governers on community cohesion providing information about the ethnic and faith groupings in Woking


Possible topics: 

(The following topics are simply ‘ideas’ which have not yet been developed into lesson or assembly plans: Woking People of Faith believes it is better to work with each school and to tailor material for each situation.)


1.            primary school assemblies, e.g:

  1.  I.     overlapping parables/stories?  (NB Rumi’s Masnavi as a source)
  2. II.     core beliefs
  3. III.     explaining attitudes to religious festivals
  4. IV.     what does it mean to love our neighbour?

2.            primary school sessions, e.g:

  1. I.     practice of faith – similarities and differences
  2. II.     meaning of religious clothes
  3. III.     above all, questions and answers…


3.            secondary school assemblies

  1. I.     faith perspective on a local or topical event, or something that might grab attention, e.g.:

a) elections

                    b)sporting event (World Cup…)

  1.  II.     faith perspective on something that affects school, e.g:
    1. holidays
    2. going on after leaving school
    3. major moral issues, e.g.:

      drugs, alcohol, debt

  1.  III.     secondary school class work
    1. ii.     importance of faith to daily life
    2. iii.     peace/violence
    3. iv.     differences between faiths


For Further information please contact

Rev. Pippa Ross-McCabe

Woking People of Faith Co-ordinator

01932 342374

07986 342355


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