Student Food and Faith

In January 2011 Woking People of Faith gathered local students -of-faith for an excellent restaurant meal and conversation about what it means to be a young person of faith living and studying in the UK.  The students wrote:


  • Really good open discussion, instantly got on with the other guys. Touched on subjects such as headscarves etc.
  • Great to chat about faith in a non-confrontational situation and to learn that within the Muslim Faith there are quite significant differences of opinion.
  • Excellent! I had a great time and learned a huge amount about other religions. Has made me want to go away and read on other religions.
  • Very informative and enjoyable. Eye opener to similarities in faith and little differences
  • A great, open environment to meet and discuss matters of faith
  • Very good. Thank you for organising. Very worthwhile. Nice to engage and talk. The others were very friendly and engaging.
  • Brilliant. Felt very comfortable chatting to all at the table, and did come along to speaking about our faiths. All commented on how enjoyable the evening was, and the need for such events to create cohesion and friendshiph and understanding between faiths. I’m sure sharing a meal produced a great atmosphere for conversation and friendship – there does always seem to be something sacred about sharing a meal. Good choice.
  • A very nice evening. Great to see a wide range of personal beliefs. People were willing to be open about their faith and answer questions.
  • Good food. Met some nice people and learned about different faiths and beliefs.
  • Great food! Cool! Met really nice people
  • I really enjoyed today’s meeting. It had a very nice and friendly atmosphere and all the girls were lovely and fun to talk to.  I think it was a great idea and I’d be happy to attend something like this in the future.
  • Really nice opportunity to meet lots of new people that we might not ordinarily have met. Age or background wasn’t really a factor because it was nice just to share experiences/advice.
  • It was a interesting topic throughout the evening. I enjoyed myself. I would like to come to more meetings like this in the future. Overall I enjoyed coming here. I learned a lot.
  • Thank you! What a lovely idea. A fantastic way to meet people of different faiths and beliefs and discuss life and chat in a relaxed and unstructured way.
  • Excellent arrangement, liked the idea of putting name tags on the tables.
  • Great gathering, learned a lot about what other girls believed in
  • Brilliant opportunity, great insight, interesting eye-opening, comforting, lovely.
  • I enjoyed mixing with people of faith. Conversation centred on religion and understanding each others’ beliefs and practices which was interesting.Young women enjoy conversation, new friendships and learning about other faithsYoung men gather in January 2011


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