Ladies of different faiths encourage dialogue in a local church event

Woking People of Faith visited St Mary's Church Byfleet, Women's group for an encouraging and informative 'question and answer' evening on the subject of interfaith relationships.  St Mary's women's group welcomed the Charity Coordinator, Pippa and her couragous guests representing the Baha'i and Muslim faiths.  But the conversation soon turned to family life, the raising of children and the importance of learning about each other's beliefs and cultures.  There was much laughter and a  great deal of warmth as Pippa's guests talked openly about their own beliefs and shared life stories.  'This was an excellent evening' commented one participant. 'It is heartwarming to meet fellow human beings who struggle with the same issues we do - and who share similar life issues.'  

'I have never had the opportunity to talk in this detail with a Muslim and I knew nothing about the Baha'i faith. This was fascinating, encouraging and inspiring. Thank you.'

St Mary's Church Byfleet continues to support the work of  Woking People of Faith and looks forward to participating in future events. 


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