WPOF responds to refugee Crisis Sept 15

Sept 2015: WPOF issued a press release in response to the on-going refugee crisis in Europe. 

Woking People of Faith (WPOF) recognises Syrian refugees as human beings:  sisters and brothers from another country, not economic migrants but refugees trying to escape violence and provide their families with a decent, secure life.  We deplore the violence and conflict that gives rise to this exodus, and call upon leaders across the world to help work towards peace in the region.

In the meantime, we cannot walk by on the other side and ignore the plight of those who are fleeing. So we applaud the active assistance being provided by local people of all faith denominations.   For example, at the time of writing:

  • the Shah Jahan Mosque is taking in donations of winter clothing, shoes, blankets  until next week, when  a group from the mosque will go to Calais to distribute the donations;
  • members of the Byfleet Community are in St Mary’s Church Hall, packing up bags of much-needed items in partnership with gogetfunding.com and haslemeres-gift-of-hope, who are organising the donation and delivery of 'Bags of Hope' for the refugee children arriving daily in Kos;
  • pupils and staff at St. John the Baptist Catholic School have collected goods and clothing for shipment to Calais;
  • Bishop Richard Moth has sent out a Pastoral Letter to be read in all Catholic Parishes in Sussex and Surrey this weekend,  asking everyone in their parishes to provide information concerning accommodation, the teaching of English, legal and financial support and any other facilities that may be provided by the Catholic community to refugees;
  • the Baha’i community is raising money to send to Oxfam for medical aid.

WPOF firmly believes that people of faith must value all people, and cannot turn away from the suffering of our fellow human beings.


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