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On two projects, Woking People of Faith has successfully partnered with the talented youth theatre company, Peer Productions.  The evenings were called 'Inter-Faith Matters' and 'Why we all hate everyone'.  For details of both events, please see below.


‘Inter Faith Matters’

An Evening of Theatre and Discussion with Woking People of Faith and Peer Productions

Wednesday 24th November 2010

In Celebration of Inter Faith week


Dramatic Events!

Woking’s  Local Youth Theatre company ‘Peer Productions’ worked with Woking People of Faith to create three dramatic sketches on inter faith issues. The sketches looked at the effects of the media’s portrayal of faith groups, what faith means for young people in the current culture and finding commonalities between faiths.

The cast of Peer Productions presenting 'Faith Matters'

The production was excellent: creative, amusing and thought provoking.  The feedback from the audience confirms the deep appreciation not only of this medium but also of the skills and professionalism of this particular youth theatre production group. 

One participant commented that it was ‘Brilliant, I thought the drama and discussion was thought-provoking and valuable. On top it is great to hear the actors were challenged through working with this material, and they too wrestled with the issues in their production.’

Others said  ‘Drama was a most effective vehicle for highlighting ideas and issues and opening up communications’.

‘It was Fantastic, thought provoking, unifying and loved that young people were exploring faith issues in such a vibrant way.’

Members of the Audience enjoying conversationMembers of the Cast talk with Dr Iqbal and Imam Hashmi


'Why we All Hate Everyone'

November 2012, Interfaith Harmony week

‘Why we all hate everyone’: an exploration of difference

Woking People of Faith and youth theatre, Peer Productions, presented an evening of drama and discussion on the theme of difference, fear and prejudice.  The young and talented cast performed a number of sketches on diverse themes, including stereotyping, misunderstanding, and the role of the media in generating conflict.  Taboos around discussion of Atheism and all religions were challenged through the use of humour and hyperbole in a slick and professional production.  Artistic Director, Jason Orbaum, facilitated group discussion after each set of sketches during which cast members engaged with the audience to explore issues around belief, public life and social cohesion.    The event was hosted by Woking’s YPOD during national interfaith week as part of Woking People of Faith’s on-going work to facilitate understanding of different faiths and cultures for the good of the wider Woking Community.   Some of the young people who attended commented:

“Some bits were very daring. I found quite a lot of it funny and it brought up a lot of good points.”

“It was good at showing how we come to think of stereotypes.”

“It was good that lots of people felt comfortable talking about their points.”

“The Taliban Tea Party was very stereotypical and I found it very entertaining.”

Regarding the scenes commenting on 9/11, “it’s playing on religion and lots of people lost their lives. It’s a taboo because it’s a very bad moment in human history. It left it as a taboo still. It’s different than jokes about WW2; that was war, this is terrorism.”

Polly Brown: 'Devising pieces of theatre around religion for Interfaith was both enjoyable and informative. Not only did I take part in sketches to teach people about different religions and their similarities and differences, but I also learnt from it myself. It was a great experience to be a part of.'

Jason Orbaum, creative director, Peer Productions, “I am incredibly proud of the way that the group rose to the challenge of opening their minds and challenging their preconceptions about the topic. It is always a pleasure to work with Woking People of Faith and we have very much enjoyed both the process and performance of this project.”


The talented Cast


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