A Conversation with.....in Woking

A conversation with St. Paul’s Church, Woking

On Sunday May 17th  2015, about forty members of the congregation stayed after morning service to meet Kauser Akhtar, Zafar Iqbal and his wife Faiza, who shared their personal journeys in the Muslim faith, before a soup lunch. They were each brave enough to sit on a table with the Christians and converse with them whilst they ate. Then Rev Jonny Blair chaired a Question and Answer session. This flowed fast and furious, so much so that the event did not finish until nearly 3pm. Even then people were heard to mutter, ‘I wanted to ask about…….’ as they exited.  Woking People of Faith is keen to facilitate and support such events in places of work, learning and worship. Please contact the coordinator for further information. 


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