Woking People of Faith Condemns London Attacks

2017-06-05 11:55:46

Woking People of Faith Condemns London Attacks

Woking’s multi-faith organisation has strongly condemned the horrific events in London as “acts which defiled both God and our shared humanity, all the more so as they were shamefully enacted under the banner of religious belief”.


In a statement, Woking People of Faith said: “We assert that the hallmarks of true faith are love for God and love for one another.  This shows itself in justice, generosity, self-sacrifice, compassion and the valuing of all life.


“These ethical values which unite us are far more important than the doctrinal issues which divide us. 


“It is desperately important that we do not allow acts of barbarism to succeed in their intention of increasing tension between communities of all kinds and creeds.  It can never be the case that all members of any particular community can be blamed for actions falsely undertaken in its name.  Our Muslim members are as horrified as anybody else by these dreadful events.


“Woking People of Faith has many religious communities working together, learning about and from each other, breaking down barriers of prejudice and misunderstanding.  We shall continue to oppose hatred and violence. We shall continue to bring people of different faiths and cultures together, in a spirit of real friendship and understanding.


“We send our heartfelt feelings of solidarity to all those affected by last Saturday’s events.”


Issued on behalf of Woking People of Faith by Philip Goldenberg (Deputy Chair)

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