Holy Pilgrimage Four speakers many questions

2017-03-10 10:54:22

Saturday afternoon at St. Dunstan's encouraged many people to ask questions following the interesting talks by four faith representatives!

Four faiths, many journeys.

We journeyed back hundreds of years into India and the history of Hinduism, we crossed the Persian plains to Mesopotamia and the birth of Judaism out of the tribe of Hebrews. This Fertile Crescent surrounding barren deserts became the bedrock of Christianity and Islam.

Why did they and why do we make Holy Pilgrimages to ancient sites? Scenes of past wanders; here we find blessings, amazing acts of faith, stories of God at work.

We are all on a journey. Life is, in itself a journey of discovery.  We hope to find that right path and we take steps in obedience, hope, faith and wonder.

So, what did you think?

“Very informative” Gemma. “I learnt more about Lourdes.”

“Excellent.” Somia. “It was very informative and the snacks were great.”

“This was my first meeting,” Angela. “It was very informative and enjoyable. Great friendly atmosphere and good food.”

“Excellent presentations,” Rachel. “The answers to questions were good and very interesting.”

What could we add to improve the event?

“It would be good to see more women on the panel.”

“The event was great so it needs promoting better; all places of worship, community boards and in the papers.”

“The work you do is amazing, more people need to witness it.”


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