WPOF appoints a new Chairperson

In May 2013, The management committee of Woking People of Faith was pleased to appoint Somia Shafiq as chairperson. Somia is part of Woking's Muslim Community and has been an active member of Woking People of Faith for some years.  She steps into the role as chairperson as Richard Cook, founder and long-time chair, steps down in preparation for retirement. Somia brings many gifts to the role and we look forward to working with her. 

Somia has been a member of the national Muslim organisation, the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) where she has contributed to the "Islam Awareness" work stream.  This has given her experience in organising national launches at prominent London venues like the City Hall ,the British Library and National Geographic Society. She has also enjoyed heading up a department at one of ISB's flagship projects, "Living Islam" - a 4 day family spiritual retreat in Lincolnshire – and applying her Islam Awareness skills locally in Woking; arranging talks and open days at the Shah Jahan Mosque, and the Surrey History Centre. About three years ago I was appointed General Secretary of ISB which has enabled me to make a significant contribution at the heart of the organisation.


Somia became a member of WPOF about 4 years ago and was soon asked to represent the organisation at the Woking Strategic Partnership, in addition to which she has made significant contributions to other activities of the group such as Coffee house conversations, Party in the Park and the 9/11 memorial, and various other public events.


Somia is pleased to have been appointed chairperson by the management committee. Her objective over the next couple of years is to establish WPOF as a recognised, credible organisation within the Woking Community, that inspires local residents to look for our support where required. She is keen to encourage more people, from all demographics, to join the organisation and support our activities in the community.


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