Mughal India Exhibition Visit April 13

Woking People Of Faith Friends  gathered together to visit the Mughal India Exhibition at the British Library on Saturday 23rd March 2013. The group travelled together by train, sponsored by Woking People of Faith in another event to facilitate understanding and friendship between people of different faiths and cultures.  The exhibition was excellent and a very good day-out was had by all.  

the Trip organiser writes: 

Considering the inclement weather on the day, of the fourty five people who had shown interest, twenty seven (15 adults and 12 children) turned up at Woking Train Station at 11.30. We reached the British Library about 1.00pm and after lunch entered the exhibition about 2.00pm. Despite the weather everyone really enjoyed the day as can be seen by some of the comments on the exhibition given below:

 'We want to thank you very much for organising the trip to the British Library today.'

 We much enjoyed seeing the exhibition in the company of others with different perspectives, and to sharing the whole outing.

'We had a good turn out in spite of the weather!'

'Thanks for arranging the trip to London on Saturday, we really enjoyed the whole day. The exhibition was very interesting and it was also great to meet some new people.'

'I got so absorbed in the exhibition that I think I may have stayed on later than most so missed you at the end. So this is just by way of a big thank you for organizing the trip to the British Library which I thoroughly enjoyed, both the exhibition itself and the opportunity to meet others in the group and yourself. I hope I will be able to come to future events.'


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