WPOF designs a new act of remembrance for Woking and Sam Beare Hospice


WPOF supported Woking and Sam Beare Hospice in running its first ever 'remembering from different traditions' event.   During the event it was acknowledged that teh Hospice movement has a Christian Heritage.   This tradition celebrates and remembers the love and life of God seen and experienced in Jesus Christ, and offers that same unconditional love to people of all faiths and none.   The Hospice movement welcomes into its care, people of many faiths and cultures, and the intention was to reflect this diversity in this 'new' act of remembrance. 

This event celebrated and remembered from different faith perspectives. We headr reflections and prayers from different traditions on the theme of remembering loved ones and celebrating the gift of life.  It was not a worship service but an act of remembrance which drew on different traditions.    Those present were invited to pray within their own tradition, and to listen respectfully to the words from traditions they did not share.   

Light Up A Life Hospice Remembrance


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