Ladies of Faith meet for coffee in Woking Town Centre

February is a challenging month weather-wise but Local Women of Faith met for a celebratory coffee in Woking Town Centre on February 27th 2013 to build friendship, share faith and exchange stories.  Birthdays are a universal language and a birthday was the trigger for this informal event. The Newly re-furbished Woking Town Square provided an excellent coffee-shop venue and women of different faiths and cultures gathered happily around a number of tables.  There was some disruption as organisers kept 'mixing' people between groups so that everyone had a chance to meet everyone!  Pippa thanks the group for the beautiful flowers and looks forward to hearing about other birthdays we can celebrate together.

It seems that Winter Coffee Mornings have caught on.....Women of Different Faiths met again in March 2014 for a similar event (see Ladies' coffee morning 14) and look forward to many more socials of this nature. 

Ladies of faith meet for coffee in Woking Town Centre


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