Sunshine, good conversation and delicious cake combine to create new friendships and to strengthen old ones!

Woking People of Faith's 'Ladies summer tea' parties are gaining quite a reputation!  You will find news and pictures from 2011. 2012 and 2013 below. 

26th May 2013

A gathering of local women from different faiths and cultures was all the more important in the light of abhorrant violence carried out  in London earlier in the week. Women from different faiths met to re-establish friendship, to affirm one another in peaceful participation in community life and to enjoy a cup of tea!  The conversation was animated, face-painting tempting and the cakes delicious!  Women who stand at the same school gate met for the first time and chatted while their children enjoyed face-painting and playing in the garden. Woking People of Faith believes that relationships are key to establishing understanding and fruitful participation in community life for the good of all. Our ladies' tea is just one event designed to make friendships and understanding possible.


Following the success of the 2011 Summer Tea, A repeat fixture in May 2012 set an annual pattern firmly in place!  


A small number of Woking's Women of Faith gathered for an informal summer tea party on Saturday 9th July 2011. After a short rain shower, the sun appeared and the children vanished to play in the garden - returning only for refreshments from time to time.  The gathering was in honour of our new management Committee member, Fernanda Mee, who was very pleased to meet those who came.  Woking People of faith works to facilitate understanding of differences in faith and culutre and one of the ways it does so, is to organise informal social occasions.  This was one such occasion where new friendships were begun and older ones strengthened.  It was very good to spend time together understanding more about our work and family lives. 






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