Interfaith Youth Event November 2014

Food Glorious Food - was an evening of fun, delicious food, and reflections about the diversity of faith was attended by over 40 young people (aged 11-19 years) from Shah Jahan Mosque, United Reformed Church and St Dunstan’s Church, on Friday 21 November at the URC in Woking to celebrate Inter Faith week. The event was sponsored by Inter Faith Youth Trust.


The evening kicked off with people Bingo, which encouraged young people to talk to each other, followed by presentations by young people from Christian and Muslim Faiths. The young presenters from the URC, and from the Mosque, talked about Food linked to faith with a focus on fasting linked to Lent and Ramadan respectively. After the presentations there was Q&A session where young people raised some rather challenging/thought provoking questions on abortion, blood transfusion and same sex marriage! The evening concluded with pizzas and refreshments accompanied by a couple more fun activities.

 Young people said

‘Very formative, great interaction between faiths.’

‘interesting understanding things which may not have been clear before. Very knowledgeable.’

‘the presentations were both really informative and interesting’

I learned a lot about British community

I think every one’s opinions matter and everyone was very respectful

I enjoyed it – it was very good!

We should do this more often

It made me think more about why we have religions


I learnt new things 

Two years ago, young people from the three religious backgrounds visited each other’s place of worship to and briefly shared the essence of their own faith. Following this a Quiz night was held at St Dunstan's Church for the young people from all 3 faiths in November 2013, which was also successful 

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