Football Tournament 2014

WPOF  +  NAC Football Tournament 2014


Another of the WPOF yearly 6 - a - side football tournaments took place recently on 14th June at Winston Churchill School. There were 8 teams from a variety of Churches and Mosques.  The first round was played as two leagues of four teams playing each other with the winners of each league playing the runners up of the other.


The games were played in an atmosphere of fun and friendliness. Even though it poured with rain in the middle of the day all teams were treated to a lunch courtesy of Woking People of Faith and NAC, and enjoyed getting to know one another during the meal.


The play offs were between the Coign church who had two teams in the competition, Al-Asr Mosque and Shah Jahan Mosque. The finalists were Al-Asr Mosque and Shah Jahan Mosques. The Al-Asr mosque team were crowned champion following an exciting game which they won with a score of 1:0.


The Mayor of Woking, Cllr Tony Branagan awarded medals to referees, winners and runners up and a silver cup was presented to the captain of the Al-Asr Mosque team. Referees with the Mayor of WokingThe Winning Team with the Mayor of WokingFinalistsWinners with Mayoral Party


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