Dhammakaya Temple Visit Knaphill


On 21st of April 2013, Woking People of Faith supported Surrey Faith Links' visit to the Dhammakaya temple in Knaphill; a group of 22 people from different faiths visited the temple, took part in meditation and had an opportunity to ask
questions to the monk. People were encouraged to wear lightcoloured clothes or white if possible. When we arrived we were greeted very warmly and courteously by the volunteers who work at the temple. The temple itself was formerly a church and still has some Christian motifs dating from that time on some of the windows.
The temple has a beautiful, large hall space where people come to meditate and there were dozens of special baskets by the ‘meditation mats’ with offerings for the monks which were to be given the next day. Thai Buddhists believe in world peace starting with each individual. A major part of this is through meditation.
We were ushered into a smaller room, where we were introduced to one of the monks (the head monk, unfortunately was ill that day). The monks spend no more than two years in any temple to avoid becoming attached to a place or people. He
spoke to us of the power of meditation. Through a translator, he explained that meditation helps you centre yourself and you by focusing on one thing at a time, you will not be distracted by many things at once, which tends to happen in daily life. This focus aids calmness in your activities and your power to do things well in the area on which you focus, increases.
We then had 15 minutes of meditation, where we were asked to focus our minds on one thing of our choice. This was a very peaceful time and, when asked by the monk, many people present said that they were so focused that they did not notice the time go!
Later, it was explained to me that meditation was ‘rediscovered’ by a monk in Thailand in the 19th Century and this monk proceeded to teach others. It is his teachings that guide the Thai Buddhists today.
The Thai Buddhist Temple welcomes people from the local community on a regular basis and has meditation classes for anyone interested.
Simon Trick

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Woking People of Faith joins Surrey Faith Links in an informative visit to a local Buddhist Temple


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