Cricket wins the day - 2013 tournamnet

Woking People of Faith's interfaith cricket tournament 2013 was a great success!  See photos below. Chief organiser, Mohammad Ali, writes: 

'I think it went well despite some hitches and Richard, Jonny and Imam Hashmi helped immensely.  I must say that Imam Hashmi despite being a player himself for Shah Jahan demonstrated true spirit of cooperation as he was accommodating towards other teams.

We had 6 teams:
Coign church
Church 2
Khan Xi
Woking Malayalam association
Shah Jahan mosque

Because of various reasons we were late in start and kick off was at 11:30. But once games got under way we caught up and finished on time.
The first game was shah Jahan vs Coign church. Shah Jahan won by scoring 132 in 10 overs. The second game was between church 2 and khan Xi. Khan Xi won by scoring 95 in 10 overs and church 2 were all out for 65.
Third game was between al Asr and Malayalam association. In this game al Asr borrowed 5 players to complete their team. This was a close match that the al Asr team won.

The final was determined by differential run rate score and hence was between khan Xi and Shah Jahan. In this game Shah Jahan was short of two players and they borrowed from Malayalam association. The final was truly nail biting! Khan xi after winning the toss decided to bat first. They scored 101 in 12 overs for 2 wickets.  Their opening batsmen played very well and retired only because they scored the maximum allowed score for final (35 per batsman). Shahjahan managed to score 102 to win but only in the last over for 7 wickets!


Towards the end it was very close in terms of balls remaining and runs required. At one stage it appeared that khan Xi would win when in the second last over their bowler Fazli got two wickets. But the borrowed player Jobi, from Malayalam, scored a four and put Shajahan back on track.

Mayoress Ann Roberts arrived at the venue at 18:00 prompt and she watched the last inning with much interest. She distributed medals afterwards. '



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