The Bishop of Guildford's Christian-Muslim Forum

July 2010

Faisalabad shootings: a comment from the Bishop of Guildford’s
Christian Muslim Forum
Members of the Bishop of Guildford’s Christian Muslim Forum group,
saddened by the recent shootings of two Christian leaders in the Pakistan city
of Faisalabad, have appealed to Christians and Muslims in Britain to work
together for good relationships between our communities.
The two brothers in Faisalabad were under arrest and due to face trial over
charges brought under Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law. They were shot dead, and
a police guard was seriously injured, before they could reach the Court.
The large Christian community in Faisalabad feels vulnerable, and whilst
minorities are supposed to be protected under the Pakistan Constitution, too
easily the law is overwhelmed by the violence of the mob.
We call on Christians and Muslims in Britain to work together for good
relationships between our communities
We also call on the Pakistan Government to provide adequate protection to all
faith minorities.
We request that religious scholars/leaders in Pakistan preach to their
respective followers to follow the due process of the law as ordained by their
faith rather than taking possibly innocent lives by the law of the jungle (totally
against the teachings of the Islamic Faith).
Please address all enquiries to: the Revd Richard Cook 01483 764523
Sent on behalf of the Bishop of Guildford’s Christian Muslim Forum
by the Revd Mark Rudall
Director for Communications
Diocese of Guildford
Desk: 01483 790310
Mo: 07779 654975


Woking’s Christian and Muslim Leaders’ gathering at Shah Jahan, 31st January 2011.

To Mark the United Nations Inter-Faith Harmony week, Woking’s Christian and Muslim community leaders, and the Bishop of Guildford, met at the Shah Jahan mosque to strengthen religious and cultural harmony for the benefit of all the people residing in the Borough. The meeting discussed ways of  promoting knowledge, mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different faiths, how to advance education and understanding of different beliefs including an awareness of their distinctive features and their common ground  and to promote good relations between people of our communities

Some of those who attended commented:

'This was my first Woking People of Faith event. It was a real privilege to meet with our Muslim friends to learn more of their lives and practices etc. Some great conversations and I hope there will be many more opportunities to form friendships.'

''The Shah Jahan's welcome was superb. Food excellent. Discussions valuable.'


'Good to have opportunity to meet, to form relationships, to remove prejudice in a relaxed context rather than at a point of crisis.'

'It was good to meet and to be welcomed to the Mosque. Some good ideas arose in the group.'

'We need to have these type of meetings on a regular basis. Women and youth need to be encouraged and involved in this programme.'



The Bishop of Guildford’s Christian Muslim Forum met in November 2010 to hear from Bishop Christopher about his recent trip to Nigeria, and in particular his visit to areas where there has been violence between the two communities. Imam Hashmi told of his visit to Lambeth Palace, for an event organised by the national Christian Muslim Forum for Imams and Ministers and shared the letter drafted by the attendees at that event on behalf of their various communities. We also heard about the Woking Street Angels project which, though a Church-lead venture, has been set up with the support of the Woking Mosques.

Left to Right

Dr Zafar Iqbal (Woking), Imam Abdul Malik (Camberley), Rev Larry Bain (Camberley), Rev Pippa Ross-McCabe (Woking People of Faith) Rev Tim Dean (Farncombe) Mrs Hilary Hill, Mr Khalil Martin (Woking) Bishop Christopher Hill, (Bishop of Guildford), Rev Jonny Blair (Woking) Imam Hafiz Hashmi (Woking) Rev Richard Cook (Woking), Bishop Ian Brackley (Bishop of Dorking) Mr Ilyas Raja (Woking)

(not in the Picture): Imam Dr Sayed Naqvi, Mr Khalid Malik, Mr Muhammad Ali


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