A Conversation About Extremism

Around 50 adults gathered in Christ Church Woking's 'Beacon Cafe' to consider the topical question 'Religious Extremism: virtue or vice?'.   Three speakers, Philip Goldenberg (Jewish), Peter Harwood (Christian) and Kauser Akhtar(Muslim) explored the theme from different faith perspectives, offering a range of interesting and helpful ideas and comment.   

The Cafe setting lent itself to fruitful discussion over refreshments and a number of interesting questions from the audience were presented to the panel in a Question and Answer session. 

Some of those who attended commented:

It was excellent! Good to hear the 3 different perspectives – it was especially interesting to hear the commonality in much of what was said.

Very thought-provoking

Really enjoyed the talk. All three speakers spoke incredibly well on an array of complex subjects.

Really worthwhile. The more truth we can have with other faiths is worthwhile.

A lovely event, nice and friendly environment.

Very good. Really encouraging and hope-giving – communities talking to each other, respect fully and graciously. Well done Woking.

 Woking People of Faith is committed to facilitating understanding across faith and cultural boundaries - particularly in the current climate where frenzied reporting of shocking violence (claimed to be carried out in the name of different religions) generates fear and growing prejudice against whole racial and/or faith groups.   Woking People of Faith works hard to provide a forum where local people of different faiths and cultures can talk, listen and learn about one another. Such conversation dispels ignorance and challenges prejudice and fear - thus better enabling a diverse community to live constructively together. 

transcripts of the talks can be found here

Extremism, Interfaith Harmony


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