People of Faith:Deadly Virus or Public Good?

'People of Faith, a deadly virus or a public good?'

April 2011

Woking People of Faith gathered people of all faiths and none to consider the place of faith in public life. Three speakers presented ideas from three different faiths (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) before the meeting broke into small groups for discussion over delicious refreshments.  There were then questions from the floor for the speakers.

Our speakers with the chair and deputy chair of WPOF

Participants wrote:

Excellent! All speakers to be commended for clarity, quality of thinking and audibility.  Discussion was extremely good, giving plenty to think about and share with wider friends and family.

Much food for thought and reflection…more of the same please.

Interesting to hear the three faiths agreeing on so many points.


Fascinating discussion. Good range of issues, Good demonstration of a strong local interfaith community in Woking,

Brilliant! A real eye-opener. Hospitality excellent. My first visit! Very worthwhile.

Very positive and interesting, good to hear a range of diverse views spoken in fair and measured terms. 

Not many forums can provide such a supportive atmosphere to discuss deeply  knotty issues. Knowledgeable audience with thought-provoking observations.

Young participants enjoy discussion over refreshments


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