Equal Opportunities Policy

Woking People of Faith

Equal Opportunities Policy


1. Woking People of Faith is committed to the promotion of Equal Opportunities in all aspects of

its services and believes that it should take positive steps to promote equality of opportunity in the

delivery of services and the employment of staff.


2. Woking People of Faith is aware of the inequalities that exist in society and as a result opposes

all forms of discrimination on the grounds of:

 Colour

 Race

 Nationality

 Ethnic or national origin

 Gender

Marital Status

 Age

 Sexual orientation

 Disability

 Religious belief

 Any other condition or requirement which cannot be shown to be justified


3. Woking People of Faith will continue to keep under review all its practices and procedures to

ensure that no individual or group is put at a disadvantage either directly or indirectly by applying

conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justified.


4. Woking People of Faith’ policy applies to the delivery of services by Woking People of Faith and in particular it will require its volunteers and employees to be aware of the different and special needs of particular groups when they are seeking and using the Forum’s services.


5. Woking People of Faith is committed to ensuring that the policy is effective and will regularly

review and examine policies relating to volunteering and employment. Monitoring systems will be operated to determine the extent to which the positive promotion of equal opportunities is being achieved.


7. This policy seeks to ensure that as an organisation we do not discriminate, intentionally or otherwise, against any person on the grounds listed above. Discrimination means treating a person less favourably, without justification, when compared with anyone else, in the organisation,

for example:

 a person of the opposite gender;

 an unmarried person;

 a person of a different racial or ethnic origin;

 a person who does not have a disability.


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