9/11 Ten Years on, People of Faith call all of Woking to affirm peace


Woking People of Faith is gathering Woking's people of faith and none on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to affirm peace.  

Date: 11th Sept 2011

Place: Woking Town Square

Time: 1.30pm - 2.15pm

The gathering will begin at 1.30 with some short speeches and a statement (below) crafted by local faith leaders. Silence will be held at 1.46 and 2.03pm in memory of those who died in the 9/11 events and in memory of those who have since died in violence carried out in the name of religion.

Balloons will be released.


We meet together on this day, as servants of God, on the tenth anniversary of an event known simply as “9/11” when some

3,500 human beings died as a result of an act which defiled both God’s and our shared humanity but was shamefully enacted under the banner of religious belief.

 As People of Faith, we assert that the hallmarks of true faith are love for God and love for one another.  This shows itself in justice, generosity, self-sacrifice, compassion, the valuing of all life and active seeking after the transcendent.

 These ethical values unite us. 

 We acknowledge that religions developed historically within societies which themselves changed over time, and continue to do so. In the course of that process events have been instigated in the name of religion which cause us all to feel shame.

 The consequences of 9/11 are still with us today.  

Not the least of these consequences is an increased tension between communities of all kinds and creeds. But it can never be the case that all members of any particular community can be blamed for actions falsely undertaken in its name.

 It is a falsehood that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11, just as it is a falsehood that all Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus.  Dreadful events flowed from the latter, and our task is to ensure that they do not also flow from the former.

 We therefore, as People of Faith, commit ourselves to work in harmony and mutual respect with each other to bear witness to our shared values and to carry them into the wider communities of which we are part.  May God bless us all in this endeavour, and may we glorify God’s Name in so doing.

All Faiths affirm peace on the anniversary of 9/11


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